Virtual Learning Tips For Parents To Support Their Children


Virtual learning is learning through a digital platform, it is also known as an online class and this form of learning became widespread as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Though schools have returned to face-to-face classroom settings, most schools have made virtual classes part of their curriculum by making some of the child learning tracks digitally configured and accessible through different digital platforms.

How can parents support their children for effective online learning?

1. Create a supporting environment

It is of great importance that parents set up an enabling Kelas digital classroom for the children, the materials needed for an effective learning experience by the children should be put in place; the virtual classroom should be modeled after their traditional classroom decorated colorfully with their artworks and should be comfortable yet void of any form of distraction.

Parents should ensure to download and activate the applications recommended by the child’s teacher as well as get the necessary reading and writing materials to ensure the child’s full participation.

2. Build a schedule

It is expected of parents to plan and build a well-specified daily schedule. Children most times need to be told what to do and parents are to specify what they do with their time by engaging them in a friendly discussion on daily expectations.

A schedule can be drafted and pasted on the child’s room or any open space in the home stating daily tasks and expected time of accomplishment with emphasis placed on the learning period. parents are also expected to model discipline and dedication by ensuring the performance of each task at the allocated time.

3. Supervision

Parents are to thoroughly supervise their children during virtual classes to ensure effective time management. Most times children need help in understanding the technicalities of online learning while some need occasional supervision to keep them on track and avoid distraction. It is not enough to set up a digital classroom, it is equally of greater importance to ensure that its purpose is actualized.

4. Fun learning environment

Parents are to make the online learning experience fun, there is a popular that all works without play make Jack a dull boy, parents are to create a playful learning atmosphere, an example can be engaging the children in fun academic game activities like scrabbles, spelling games, chess, etc to enhance their ability to think critically.

Parents can also engage them during leisure times to discuss what they’ve learned so far and help iron out the challenging areas for them. A good relationship must exist between parents and children for a fun-filled learning adventure.

5. Source of mental and emotional support

Parents should build positive communication and support their children’s mental health by complimenting their efforts and achievements for it has been psychologically proven that compliments boost a child’s confidence while motivating him for greater efforts.

Parents should equally avoid subjecting their children to any form of coercive, forceful, or pressured learning, they are to support, guide, and encourage the children to ensure the well being of their mental health which brings about a productive learning experience.

Final Thoughts

Virtual learning is not about to stop anytime soon and parents are admonished to be the baton bearers in ensuring that their children have a fun and productive online learning experience. It is not enough to set up a online classroom for your child, it is much important to ensure that he/she is thoroughly part of the process

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