Uncontested Divorce: Things to Keep In Mind

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Many people believe that an uncontested divorce is an easy way out. However, the realities may not be as rosy as your imagination. You need to be completely aware of the finer points before opting for an uncontested divorce. For the best suggestions, you can consult a divorce attorney in Galveston

Before you walk on the path of an uncontested divorce, here are some basic things that you must consider. 

Both spouses need to be on the same page: No matter how difficult this sounds, you need to execute this plan during an uncontested divorce. You and your spouse must agree to almost every matter that comes up during the divorce. Therefore, for issues related to spousal support, child custody and property division, you must be in complete agreement. 

In some cases, agreeing to these terms may also mean giving up claims for alimony. So, to find the best solution, expert legal advice must be sought. 

Fulfill divorce criteria: To finalize the divorce a couple needs to fulfill general eligibility requirements. It includes matters related to residency, court proceedings and litigation charges. Therefore, no matter how amicable your divorce is, you still need to pay heed to formalities.

Take your time: Couples often feel that an uncontested divorce can be finalized very quickly. On the contrary, it entails a streamlined process that includes a mandatory waiting period as well. The time can differ from one state to the other. But, depending on the nature of a case, these cases may be dragged for some time. 

Right to Spousal Support: At times, you may be tempted to waive off spousal support in an uncontested divorce. So, before making a hasty decision, think twice. The court may order a consolidated payment as spousal support or it may entail you to monthly payments. These can be quite useful for taking care of responsibilities and fulfilling duties. 

Custody rights: During an uncontested divorce, do not overlook custody rights. Just because you want to expedite the process, do not ignore such an important issue. It is always in your best interest to seek legal advice regarding these matters. This will take care of payments for child support as well as plans for vacations or other important events.  

Limited Legal Protection: The urge to save attorney fees often compel couples to take the uncontested divorce route. But, in the absence of legal advice, you may end up with complex problems in the future. If you sign an agreement without understanding the clauses, you might land in trouble later in life. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek the help of experienced divorce attorneys.


How Can Divorce Attorneys Help?

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With years of experience and expertise, renowned divorce attorneys can deal with complex problems. Matters that might not appear to be important for the general public often seem crucial in a court of law. An attorney can help to file your case and influence the best outcome. 

To avoid mistakes and take a confident stride in court, hire an attorney who prioritizes your interest. This will help you to easily wade through legal mazes, even in an uncontested divorce.   




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